Monday, January 19, 2009

Male Maturity..

I arrived to work late today. Of course, one would imagine it had something to do with lost keys, or any one of the normal excuses that people use. But today, that was not the case. I gave myself plenty of time to shower and get ready upon returning home from the gym. Problem was...I was on such an endorphin high, that I ended up beat-boxing in the shower for like, twenty minutes because the acoustics were so good. I am 29. Wow.


IP said...

Wow. Well you've got to run with bliss when it finds you.

Em-a-lay said...

Me and my friend spent an hour in someone else's hotel room on their bed beat boxing. I'm 16. And I'll probably be in beat boxing moods until my vocal folds give out.

IP said...

I like that picture of you.